Grayfoot Agility
Grayfoot Agility LLC
(a small, veteran owned business)

Long Lines and Leashes
By Joan Fry
These are heavy duty
Long Lines and Leashes
custom made by Joan Fry.

They are constructed from 5/8" Biothane
They are available in 6,10,15, and 20 foot lengths
but can be made in any custom length upon request.

They come with a swivel clip to attach to the collar or harness.

There is a shipping charge of $5.00 for each order.
The NM tax rate will be automatically added to the order.

Choose Lengths
Use this Button to select
1 of 4 precut lengths
Use this Button to order
custom length lines.
For custom lengths, when the Paypal page appears
increase the QUANTITY
for the length desired.

If you need more than one of the custom size,
or multiple custom sizes, please email Joan at:
Need more information on this product?  Email Joan at: