Grayfoot Agility
Grayfoot Agility LLC

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Grayfoot's Teeter, also known as a Seesaw, are made with a
1-1/2 x 1 inch powdercoated metal frame covered with a marine plywood
base,  and finished with a TPV urethane/rubber surface.

The Teeter plank is weighted for an approximate 3 second drop,
using a 3 pound weight 1 foot from the end,
and an approximate reset time of 4 seconds.

There are 2 bases available for these Teeters,
a fixed 24 inch height or an adjustable height style.
The height is measured at the teeter surface above the fulcrum point.

The yellow contact zone is availabe in 42" (AKC) or 36" (USDAA)

Grayfoot  Teeter/Seesaw's

AKC Teeter shown with an adjustable base.