Grayfoot Agility
Grayfoot Agility LLC
(a small, veteran owned business)

Grayfoot's Dogwalks are made of 1-1/4 X 1 inch powdercoated metal tubing  with an
white CelTek PVC base material, finished with a TPV urethane/rubber surface. 
They have a single steel hinge pin  at each ramp joint for easy disassembly.
There are 4 steel legs that are threaded into the center section for the correct height.

Slats can be added upon request(on TPV surface) to the ramps as the venue requires.  Slats are made
of the same material and colors as the TPV surface and are permanently bonded (non-removable).

Small versions (8 and 6 foot) are available for training purposes.
Additional leg lenghts can be ordered to lower the height, for training purposes.

The yellow contact zone is availabe in 42" (AKC) or 36" (USDAA)
Please be sure to specify the proper venue when ordering!

3 piece,12 ft Dogwalk finished with
the TPV/rubber surface
without slats(NADAC or ASCA)
(Tunnel NOT included)
Grayfoot  Dogwalk's