Grayfoot Agility
Grayfoot Agility LLC
(a small, veteran owned business)

Grayfoot's  24" Channel Weavepoles are made for maximum ease of training and transport. 
The set breaks down into 4 sections, three 74" long and one 50" long for ease in taking from home to field.

The legs on one side of the set are drilled so that half of the poles can be moved out between 6 and 14 inches, to produce a "channel" effect for ease in training a dog in the concept of the weaves.  As the dog comes to understand the movement between the poles, the poles can be adjusted inward in 2" increments, untl they are inline.  When the poles are configured inline, the set meets the requirements of a regulation set of weaves!

The poles are 24" apart, as per the requirement of all venues, and are 40" tall.  Different seperations and heights can be done at no additional charge.
The four sections join together at each end by a stainless-steel post that screws onto a stainless-steel bolt which is welded to the metal.  This provided a minumim of hardware for a set of regulation competition weaves.
The set can be configured as two sets of 6 poles, for training or trial purposes.
The legs are 16" long and mounted in such a way that the dog won't touch them when run properly through the course.
The surface is covered with a vinyl non-skid tape to meet slip requirements

Grayfoot 24" Channel Weavepoles

Channel Weaves shown here as a 6 pole set.
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Channel base without poles.
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Adjustable Channel leg closeup.
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3/4" Aluminum post and washer hardware for legs.