Grayfoot Agility
Grayfoot Agility LLC
(a small, veteran owned business)

Grayfoot manufactures 2 different styles of Contact Trainers.
Shown on the left is a 3 Part Trainer, a 5ft A-frame section with a 3ft tapered flat Table area, then a 6ft Dogwalk ramp.
Shown on the right is a 2 Part Trainer, with a 5ft A-frame section connected to a Dogwalk section begining with a tapered area for safety.

These are available in the TPV finish only.

These are for training purposes only and not used in any competition.
3 Part Trainer with
custom green TPV surface.
2 Part Trainer.

This is shown with a paint/sand surface that is no longer available (TPV only)
Grayfoot  Contact Trainer's