Grayfoot Agility
Grayfoot Agility LLC
(a small, veteran owned business)

Grayfoot 24" 2X2 Training Weaves are made for maximum ease of training and transport. 
Each section is 50" long for ease in taking from home to field.

There are two 40" poles mounted 24" apart on the section  The sections are designed to be connected together as traing progresses.  When a total of six sections are connected together this becomes a set of regulation weaves, eliminating the need for a second set of weaves!
Different seperations and heights can be done at no additional charge.
The end post of each section is a stainless-steel post that screws onto a stainless-steel bolt which is welded to the metal.  This allows multiple sections to be joined together at each end.

The legs are 12" long and mounted in such a way that the dog won't touch them when run properly through the course.
The surface is coated with an epoxy non-skid surface, to meet slip requirements

There is also a stand-alone version where the posts are offset by 12inches from each end.
These still have the standard 24inches between them.
This is the bottom set in the picture below.

Grayfoot 24" 2X2 Training Weaves

Two sections of 2X2 Training Weaves.
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Two sections of 2X2 Training Weaves connected inline.
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